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Manufacturer Description

Humanely Stop Your Dog, the Neighbor's Dog or Even Multiple Dogs from Barking

If You Have Barky Dogs And A Baby - This Is A Must!

Deter a neighbor dog's excessive barking and Discourage your dog's excessive barking.
When your dog barking, it gets all the neighbors' dog's barking. Thus, the endless barking cycle begins.
You and everyone in the neighborhood are losing sleep from the pets' conversations all night long.
You need a bark control solution, and the Outdoor Bark Control is just the one for you!

How It Works
The dog bark deterrent emits an ultrasonic sound. Humans will not be able to hear this tone, but it can be easily heard by dogs.
Startled by the high-pitched sound, which is safe and effective for dogs of all sizes and breeds, the dogs barking will be deterred.
Dogs will soon associate their barking with the unpleasant tone, and will remain quiet to avoid the sound. When the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic sound also stops.

Up To 50 Foot Range; No Bark Collar Needed
The Outdoor Bark Control has three range levels to choose from, which indicate what distance the barking will activate the unit.
The test mode will ensure the microphone and speaker is working.
Low Range will protect up to 15 feet.
Medium Range will double that measurement to 30 feet.
The Range will maximize the unit to 50 feet.
You can use the device to deter your barking dog or your neighbor's dog.

With its unique birdhouse disguise, your visitors and neighbors will never know what you are using it for.

Top tips for successful bark product:
Works on all dogs within hearing range.
Don't use this bark control device on dogs who are deaf or hard of hearing.
For outdoor use only.
Consider your dog's temperament.
Always make sure your batteries are installed correctly before use.

Product Features

BARK CONTROL DETERRENTS WITH UPGRADE ULTRSONIC TECHNOLOGY - MONOJOY ultrasonic Dog Bark Controller uses the latest ultrasonic chip to silence the dog on their hearing ultrasonic sound. Ultrasonic no bark devices can effectively block the barking of your dog and your neighbor's dog. Now you can enjoy your backyard again and open your windows without listening to the neighbor's untrained dog barking non stop at you. Make you have a little peace and bliss when your are in your yard. THIS ANTI BARKING HAS CUT THE BARKING BY 75%, NO CONTINUOUS BARKING! - The anti barking device Make dog quieted 2 out of 3. Effectively reduce the times of dog barking. Fit for small / medium/ large dog. Sometimes your dog may not stop barking immediately, Here are occasionally times when someone is just too close to the fence and the barking may go on for about a minute. Those are the times that the dog is just too excited to stop barking for anything. KEEP HUMANS & PETS DOG SAFE ULTRASONIC ANTI BARKING - Ultrasonic is sound waves with high-frequency that is higher than 20KHZ. Humans won't hear anything, and no harm to pregnant women and children. Ultrasonic spreads fast and is very suitable for give commands to the dog without affecting the dog's hearing. When the outdoor anti bark control is within a range of barking dog, the internal microphone picks up the sound and it will be automatically activated. GOOD TRAINING TOOL? SUITABLE FOR MOST TYPES OF PETS - Great for training your dog, your neighbor's dog & even multiple dogs. To use ultrasonic dog bark deterrent repeller to stop barking, to train some bad barking behaviors out of dog. The outdoor ultrasonic dog repellent is effective range 50 feet. And high frequency dog bark deterrent there are 3 range levels and a test mode, you can use the test mode to verify the microphone and speaker are working properly. NO BARK GUARANTEE - Some dogs may not be responsive to ultrasonic correction. Allows for the best-possible timing of correcting such a major problem. Allows for consistent correction so that the dog can quickly train out of the collar. If this the birdhouse dog bark control is not meeting your needs, please contact MONOJOY Brand.

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